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Prices, as well as games in the casino, are quoted in Swiss francs. Even the Italian electric company charges in Swiss francs at the post office.
There are no banks in Campione, although there are two currency exchange places. One is even open late. However, unlike mainland Italy, there are no exchange reporting requirements.
The Post Office offers banking facilities and is connected with other Post Offices in other countries for the purposes of funds transfer. Of course these facilities are under the direct scrutiny of the Italian authorities, but if only small amounts of money are moved, no-one really takes any notice.
Italy also has a bearer savings account, like the Austrian Sparbuch, which does not have a password to access funds. So anyone and their brother can legally access them. Used carefully they offer the ultimate in banking secrecy. They can even be used as payment since they are as good as cash. Your friendly Campione expert can help you open one. Ask Scope for details. The Post Office books cannot be confiscated by the Italian authorities except in investigations related to the mafia, drugs and gun running.