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Since Switzerland does not have its own language, aside from Romansch spoken only in canton of Schwyz, from which the confederation gets its name and which is dying out.
So…. You’ve Never Heard of Campione Before tri-lingual, mostly German in the north and center, French in and around Geneva and Italian in the Ticino or south. Germans are exceedingly comfortable in Campione.


We have discovered that all the Germans in Campione speak near-perfect English so do most of the Italian-German speaking Swiss in Lugano.
Americans and British have no trouble with language, foods and customs. The new Sky Channel and other satellite broadcasts are now making dozens of English/American television channels available in Campione. However, when dealing with authorities in Italy, either in writing, by phone or in person, Italian is the only language allowed, except in Trentino Alto Adige where German is also an official language and Valle d’Aosta where French is.