Other advantages unique to Campione include several nearby first class mountain ski resorts. Quite a few ski slopes are visible from your Campione home. A short drive or boat trip plus a ride on the funicular railroad from Lugano can have you on some fine Swiss slopes in an hour. Or if you are energetic and like cross-country skiing, you could hike up the slope behind Campione and be positioned to enjoy a day in Italy’s Alps, away from the crowds. The more popular Swiss resorts are full of people in fancy garb and are more expensive. If you are a real “raggedy blue jeans” skier, Italy may be more suitable and a lot cheaper. We especially recommend Livigno for the cheapest skiing, lodging and shopping in Italy, it being another VAT free special territory with other benefits.

During our skiing days we found that in Campione we never had to worry about planning a ski-weekend and then confronting bad weather. It was great being in Campione. We could see
skiers on the slopes above with field glasses, then jump in the jeep and go up the mountain only when the conditions were ideal. Powder snow and sunshine, a favorite combination is very often available. This was a great plus factor for me.
Campione is very big on tennis. It has a complex of several municipal courts. Good lessons are available. It also has its own football (soccer) team. There is an excellent golf course near Lugano and several others to choose from in the area. In and around Campione you will also be able to enjoy horseback riding, swimming and a visit to the local gymnasium. There are also about ten seedy-looking red-illuminated bars which are open only at night and offer further sporting facilities, if you like that sort of thing. A trip to the Campione Tourist Office will tell you exactly what is available, well… except for the bits in the seedy-looking bars. That you’ll have to find out for yourself!