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Campione’s sub-Alpine climate is invigorating. In fact, the surrounding area is a Swiss health resort region. The local weather is not nearly as cold as in the rest of Switzerland. Seasonal changes are mild and winds light to moderate. It is more like Monte Carlo, in temperature. The air quality is better. Instead of vehicle exhaust fumes to breathe, Campione has clean, unpolluted, mountain air.


This is one major advantage over Monaco. There is no heavy “drive through” tourist nor commercial traffic. Campione is the end of the road, a destination, not a transit point. Aside from the weekend casino crowd, it is not on the tourist itinerary. Casino visitors are mainly Italians from Milan who come up Friday or Saturday for the dinner show. Wealthy Swiss visit too, getting away from Switzerland and its intolerant morality. During summer weekends, the large municipal parking lots fill up and there is no street parking available. It’s a party! The rest of the time, Campione streets are so empty one could shoot a cannonball down the Corso (main street) and not hit anyone.